Thematic Areas

ICT Education and ICT in Education

Since its establishment, CIT Nepal has been supporting different community and government schools to implement ICT in education and ICT education. We meet authorities concerned to advocate, conduct talk programs, seminars, and conferences and try to convince them for necessary policy changes required in this area, through presentation.
Our strategy, approaches, knowledge and experience in this domain help us focus on this area. We visit respective areas and conduct several meetings with community members (School Management Committee, political parties, Guardian Committee and related stakeholders) related to government and community schools. Such activities help us build a strong community network which in turn supports us to start ICT in education and ICT education in their areas. We also provide subject-specific training, follow up training and ICT materials, and motivate the stakeholder to run the program as and when required.

Governance and Transparency

Governance is the process of decision making by authorities to manage available resources and to ensure that the exercise of power helps to improve the quality of life of all citizens. It includes transparency, responsibility, accountability, equal participation, responsiveness and fairness by authorities. It is not possible to provide good governance and transparency without using ICT. So, we believe that we need to have such an ICT framework that helps all the development actors concerned make the decision making process transparent.
So, to this end we conduct talk programs, seminars and workshops, and motivate authorities as well as community people at the local level. Also, we provide consultation services to government agencies to implement e-governance and related services.

IT With Agriculture and Health

Nepal is an agricultural country where around 80% of the population depends on agriculture. Due to the lack of proper information, farmers and stakeholders don’t get reasonable prices of their products. Although recently the Government of Nepal has started implementing e-agriculture as well as m-agriculture, but it is still in an early stage.

Needless to say, health is the most important area for all citizens. With the help of ICT, we can improve policy and decision making process as well as health sector information flow. People of remote areas can have medical consultations with the use of ICT.

CIT Nepal is working on the above sectors by advocating and providing different facilities. Also, we are involved in talk programs, seminars, workshops and motivating authorities as well as community people on the grass roots level. Moreover, we provide consultancy services to government agencies and authorities to implement ICT in these areas.