Ongoing Programs


Motivation and advocacy is an ongoing program of CIT Nepal. We provide motivation program to different community groups, School Management Committees, and school teachers to use ICT in education, make sustainable program by using available resources properly and to collect resources from different sources as well. We have visited several districts and villages for this purpose and worked with some schools and community groups. We are closely working and organizing motivation program for government authorities, political leaders and other stakeholders.

Based on our findings, experiences, and feedback given to us on different talk programs, workshops, seminars and field visits, we are advocating authorities, stakeholders concerned, umbrella organizations, and government bodies to implement required policies in the ICT sector.


Mahendra Adarsha Vidyashram, Satdobato, Lalitpur

CIT Nepal has started ICT education and ICT in education at Mahendra Adarsha Vidyashram (MAV) since 2008. MAV is doing very well on e-education and has produced three SLC batches. CIT has deputed its own staff to MAV for teaching and other support. At the beginning CIT supported MAV to establish a computer laboratory free of cost with seven computers along with internet connectivity and other facilities such as website and software. We have conducted training programs for teachers and staffs. Since its establishment, CIT has been supporting for curriculum and content development, regular supportive training, upgrading laboratory and maintaining equipment regularly. The education kit produced by Midas has also been implemented at MAV.

Adarsha Secondary School, Khanchikot, Arghakhanchi

CIT Nepal visited Adarsha Secondary School between 2007 and 2009 to establish school and community telecenters, and organized several meetings and motivation programs. At the same time two teachers were selected for one month full-time training, and three computers, a photocopy machine, and a printer were collected from different collaborators such as Computer Association of Nepal and National Information Technology Center.

CIT Nepal has supported the above school for maintaining its buildings and furniture with support from Help Nepal Network. Since its establishment, school has been providing ICT education to students of different grades, and in the process of following government’s curricula. The school team is requesting their well wishers to support for internet connectivity and for other resources to run the program smoothly.

Jateshwor Secondary School, Thumki, Kaski

CIT Nepal met school authorities, political leaders and community people on 2008 and 2009 to implement e-education program. The program was followed by one-month full-time training and motivation program for two teachers. CIT also handed over a computer to the school. The CIT team was invited to attend a special program organized by the school in February 2011, and on the same day a rural telecenter was officially inaugurated by the President of CIT Nepal.

Since establishment of the telecenter, school has mobilized various resources for e-education and telecenter.

Mahendra Secondary School, Chhibang, Rukum
The CIT Nepal team with member-secretary Dr. Madan Pariyar and member Manohar Kumar Bhattarai of High-Level Comission of Information Technology visited school on 2005 to implement eEducation. Even during Maoist insurgency the team conducted a talk program, motivation sessions and discussion programs with district government officials and political leaders.

Communities, political leaders and the School Management Committee committed to start program according to CIT’s terms and conditions for sustainability. As per agreement, CIT provided one month full-time training to two teachers at Kathmandu and after a year follow-up training was provided at the same school for teachers and guardians. Advanced and follow-up training is conducted regularly.

A computer laboratory was set up with the resources contributed by government agencies and Winrock International. In addition, five computers, 12 low power consumption notebooks, two photocopiers, a printer, a digital camera, a power inverter and a scanner were provided by different organizations, including Winrock International. A special arrangement was made for internet connectivity VSAT.

The program is running regularly and is being covered by different national and international media, including BBC Nepali Service.


CIT Nepal has been working to establish school and community telecenters and to implement e-education in Jagadamba Higher Secondary School, Madhela, Thakurdwara in Bardiya; …. School, Bakuwa in Bardiya and Janata Higher Secondary School, Bharatpurkhor in Mahottari since 2008. CIT is doing its best to make these centers and schools a success. However, outcomes are not up to our expectation due to local political and other reasons. Nevertheless, CIT is supporting and encouraging local communities for improvements.